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Anna Arnold, painter and educator, lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. Anna has been one of America’s most expressive, exciting, enduring artists and independent educators for nearly three decades. She is an advocate of life-long learning and recently graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Graduate Studies program and earned a Master’s degree in Art Education. She completed an extensive two year program under the leadership of director Professor Tim Shuckerow. Anna Arnold earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art and has exhibited in over 200 solo and group art exhibits throughout the United States. As a teacher, she believes she is a catalyst to inspire, uplift and change. She has helped to educate hundreds of school children as an artist. Anna is recognized for her lush, exuberantly colorful expressive portraits, ceramics, masks, beads and painted furniture. Contact Anna @

Friday, October 5, 2012

Day of the Dead Exhibit, Galeria Quetzal, Cleveland, Ohio, 9/5-10/10, 2012

Anna Arnold masks featured in the Day of the Dead Exhibition "Calacas, Calaveras y Catrinas"
October 5 - November 10
Meet the Artists - Opening Reception: Friday, October 5th, 6 - 9pm

From the Galeria Quetzal Facebook Fan Page:

 " New exhibit! This Friday is also Art Walk in Little Italy. We are opening the Day of the Dead Exhibit, Fri. Oct. 5th with Mexican and local artists. Come meet the artists and join in on the fun.
"CALACAS, CALAVERAS Y CATRINAS". We will be open all weekend long and Monday is the Columbus Day Parade!"

Sugar Skull Decorating Workshop (to be announced)

GalerĂ­a Quetzal, Hispanic Gallery of Folk and Fine Art
12400 Mayfield Road
Cleveland Ohio 44106
( in Little Italy)

Paloma Grasso, Curator

Facebook: Galeria Quetzal fan page

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Ms, Miss, Mrs: 21st Century Expressions of the Second Sex" at Wasmer Gallery, Ursuline College, Peper Pike, Ohio, Aug. 24- Oct. 19, 2012

The Storyteller 2010 by Anna Arnold

"In more recent works such as “The Storyteller”, a new theme that has emerged is that of a wise old woman who tells the neighborhood children about her childhood and dreams of a prosperous future, represented by a young couple cradling a child. The patchwork quilt is a theme that weaves throughout the work as a symbol of unity and connection with one’s past and heritage."

  curated by Alenka Banco

Opening reception Friday, August 24, 5 – 7 PM
 Florence O'Donnell Wasmer Gallery, Ursuline College.

 Admission: Free. Call 440-646-8121 or visit

2550  Lander Rd.
Pepper Pike, Ohio

Anna Arnold
Cathie Bleck
Rian Brown
Brittany Campbell
Kristen Cliffel
Liz Maugans
Helene Morse
Angelica Pozo
Bellamy Printz
Chris Seibert
Audra Skuodas
Susan Squires
Barbara Stanczak
Trudy Wiesenberger
August 24 thru October 19, 2012

Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday, 1:30 – 4:30 pm

Closed Monday

About the exhibit      

"One is not born, but rather becomes a woman,” declared French author Simone de Beauvoir in her 1949 work, The Second Sex. Sixty years later, in November 2009, the book was newly translated and re-released and it remains as compelling as ever. On the theme of a woman’s metamorphosis, Beauvoir wrote, “Then from woman’s point of view I shall describe the world in which women must live; and thus we shall be able to envisage the difficulties in their way as, endeavoring to make their escape from the sphere hitherto assigned them, they aspire to full membership in the human race".

21st Century Expressions of The Second Sex will showcase selected works by leading female regional artists, created in the world in which women artists must live. The pieces may span the decades of a career or reflect new work produced specifically for the show.

A December 2009 ARTNews feature, The Feminist Evolution by Phoebe Hoban echoed the words of Beauvoir and underscores the timeliness of Convivium33 Gallery’s latest show. “Museums are exhibiting an increased sensitivity to collecting and presenting works by women- through new acquisitions, solo shows and a stronger focus on artists who were previously neglected. But true gender equality, critics maintain, remains elusive,” Hoban wrote. 

Curator Alenka Banco aims to explore a woman’s voice during the different stages of life through art. Similar to Beauvoir’s ‘Facts and Myth’s’ in book one of The Second Sex, there is a chronicle for womankind not unlike stations of the cross, journeying from girlhood, through puberty and sexual initiation, to maturity and old age. 21st Century Expressions of the Second Sex “reveals art as an individual reflection of womanhood”, explains Banco. The exhibit includes artists of various ages at different points in life, and depicts works produced in a variety of media. 

Anna Arnold received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1983. She is a prolific entrepreneur artist who has produced paintings, sculptures, ceramics and jewelry for more than 25 years and has exhibited in over 200 gallery and museum shows across the United States including the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta, the California Afro American Museum in Los Angeles, the Alternative Museum in NYC, the Chicago Public Library, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and the Cleveland Museum of Art. Arnold earned a Master’s degree in Art Education at Case Western Reserve University in 2010. Her works are in the collections of the Progressive Corporation Art Collection, the Western Reserve Historic Museum, the Cleveland Public Library, Akron Art Museum and the Center for Art and Religion, Washington, DC. Arnold lives in Cleveland, OH.

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 12 - 5 PM and Saturday and Sunday, 1:30 - 4:30 PM. For more information, contact Gallery Director Frank Frate at 440 646 8122 or visit

Contact :

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Anna Arnold: Videos


 Celebrate Your Life, Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival promo, director Devon Collins/ Stimuli Films and producer Ray Allmond , April 2012

Anna Arnold at her studio at Josaphat Arts Hall, Cleveland Free Press, March 25, 2011, kpaulmallasch


Josaphat Arts Hall Studio, March 24, 2011

 Anna Arnold and the Cleveland Art Scene, Cleveland Free Press, February 23, 2011, kpaulmallasch

 Community Arts Mural Project, Cleveland Museum of Art, September 2010

The Storyteller, Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural Project in progress, October 15, 2010

The Storyteller, Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural Project in progress, October 20, 2010

Anna Arnold ART etsy commercial, June 16, 2010

Anna Arnold ART is coming to etsy, June 9, 2010

Fierce in Blue, experimental video, June 15, 2010

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Street Museum: The Public Murals of Anna Arnold

A Circle of Family, Friends and Community, 2012 by Anna Arnold, Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural, Lakeview Ave and Euclid Ave. East Cleveland, Ohio

 Case grad Siu Yan Scott poses with "A Circle of Family, Friends and Community", 2012 by Anna Arnold, Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural, Lakeview Ave and Euclid Ave. East Cleveland, Ohio. Photo by Dorjan Scott.

Siu Yan Scott with her commissioned Anna Arnold art work in August 2012 and the inspiration "The Storyteller", an 8' X 40' Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural on the Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center in the Hough neighborhood. Photo by Dorjan Scott.

The Storyteller: Hough by Anna Arnold , Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural, Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center, Hough neighborhood, Cleveland, Ohio 2010,  Photo by Mouse
The Storyteller: Hough by Anna Arnold , Cleveland Museum of Art Community Mural, Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center, Hough neighborhood, Cleveland, Ohio 2010, photo by Jerome White

 Short video of The Storyteller video in progress 2010

The Storyteller by Anna Arnold, How Sweet the Sound Community Mural, Verizon Wireless, Buckeye neighborhood, Cleveland, Ohio 2010
E. 118th and Buckeye Rd.

Photo by Michael Loccisano 2012 Wire Image
The Storyteller by Anna Arnold, How Sweet the Sound Community Mural, Verizon Wireless, Buckeye neighborhood, Soul of Buckeye Park, Cleveland, Ohio 2010, Tiles by Angelica Pozo
Year of the Dragon, Community mural, St. Clair /Superior neighborhood, 2012
Consolidated Graphics Bldg., E.39 and Payne
Cleveland, Ohio Year of the Dragon 2012

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wyldsyde’s new “Rainforest Rave” Beads

Wyldsyde’s new “Rainforest Rave” Beads
Artist and Designer Anna Arnold is energizing the brand with her vibrant necklaces that attracts the fun loving collector
I am the chief executive officer, creative director, designer and staff of Wyldsyde Jewelry Co.  based in Cleveland, Ohio. Today, I get to be the blogger. A few days ago, I sat cross legged on the wooden floor of my Josaphat Arts Hall studio and worked on assembling another necklace titled, “Rainforest Rave” Yes, each necklace is designed, titled and assembled by me. The real magic in this necklace is in the details. I spread out about 300 beads and selected 147 handmade polymer clay beads, vintage hand-carved, hand-painted wooden tropical birds, African glass, millifiori glass and hand blown glass beads featuring a tiny bumpy, fluorescent green lizard.
It’s the unexpected combination of vibrant colors, materials and textures that makes these beads exciting to look at and wear. They are truly portable works of art!
Prices range from $68 to $168. (Prices are determined by expense or rarity of beads used and handcrafted beads.)

I wear my beads every day even if I am taking a walk or just stopping by the store. They look elegant and stunning with black, white or neutral colored outfits. I just got an idea of how wonderful these necklaces would look worn by women who are cheering on the performers at Parade the Circle or savoring hors d'oeuvres at the Summer Solstice cocktail party both coming up at the Cleveland Museum of Art in June. 
Wyldsyde Jewelry Co. is a growing brand that is becoming best known for vibrant, one of a kind, beaded necklaces desired by youthful women of all ages. The woman who wears Wyldsyde is  fun loving, on the go, unconventional, successful and a highly creative thinker.
Sales have started to pick up since I started the company in early 2011 helping make Wyldsyde a great performer of the Anna Arnold ART Studio which includes:
  • art education
  • portrait commissions
  • ceramics and small sculptures
I get much of my inspiration from African and Latino cultures, classic movies and vintage jewelry. I do most of my thinking and designing at my Josaphat Arts studio that is lively with colorful paintings, sculptures and completed necklaces on the walls. A classic movie is always playing on the VCR/TV combo.
I am working on a strategy that includes creating more necklaces and getting them into local shops this summer. I have boosted marketing with Facebook and Twitter and blog posts. YouTube videos are to come. 

Buy WyldSyde Beaded Necklaces at the Anna Arnold ART Studio:

1433 E. 33rd Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
216- 407-7054